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What is AP-Jibe®?

Access Planning Jibe (AP-Jibe) assists access network planners with their technology, business and operational plans. They can evaluate new deployment options, create and set strategic direction, and conduct  detailed enterprise level planning with AP-Jibe easily.

Who uses AP-Jibe®?

AP-Jibe is targeted for access network planners, product strategists, operational planners, financial wizards and supply chain team – who all have access network planning in common.

See our two minute introductory video on AP-Jibe

Why AP-Jibe®?

Telecom operators spend ~ 90% of their yearly capital on access networks. Access network planning is becoming exponentially complex (roughly 50 times) – due to myriad of technology options to be evaluated, need for integrated operational planning and the mandates to satisfy different stake holders. We developed AP-Jibe to help you plan quickly and effectively with a long-term strategic vision in mind.

See our brief eight minute video on how AP-Jibe can assist you

Easy Option Evaluation

Can evaluate simple to very complex access deployment scenarios with ease

Fast Advisory

Enables configuration, modelling and making complex decision in no time

Simple Configuration

Comes with simple and intuitive interface to perform basic to detailed configuration

Detailed Output

Generates detailed decision driving output that is requested by all your stake holders

Data Driven Investment

Provides 360 degree view of a decision that can help prevent regrettable investments

Planning With Confidence

Provides required tools to make your multi-million dollar long and short term investments

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