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Telecom operators spend ~ 90% of their yearly capital on access networks. Access network planning is becoming exponentially complex (roughly 50 times) – due to myriad of technology options to be evaluated, need for integrated operational planning and the mandates to satisfy different stake holders. We developed AP-Jibe to help you plan quickly and effectively with a long-term strategic vision in mind.

Next Generation access planning is a ~ 50x complexity increase

AP-Jibe® assists in all phases of access planning

Technology Choice,
Architecture Analysis,
Service Capability

AP-Jibe requires:

  • No topology data
  • High level costs
  • Quick analysis

Competitive Strategy,
Growth Impact,
Vision Validation

AP-Jibe requires:

  • Sample topology
  • Directional costs
  • Quick analysis

Detailed forecast with
footprint evolution,
activity, cost, resource,
material, service metrics

AP-Jibe requires:

  • Detailed topology
  • Detailed costs
  • Comprehensive plan

Want to make your planners meet these challenges?

                                           … Consider     AP-Jibe®

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