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An access domain methodology for network transformation

Linear upgrade strategies in a single technology domain are no longer sufficient to keep up with growing service…

Which powering solution is the best for my network upgrade?

A cable operator is planning to use Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) technology to upgrade their access network. They are considering two network powering options – central powering vs distributed powering. Which powering model would be best suited for their future network upgrades?

How to reach 10G systematically?

An operator would like to develop a roadmap to reach 10G capacity on their access networks. To make an informed decision he wants to understand the effect of multiple technology paths on total cost, investment profile, technology availability risk and ability to support his product roadmap.

Brownfield access network planning

Broadband access networks need to evolve to keep pace with ever increasing subscriber demand. Network planners are faced…

Density Based Brownfield

Density-based brownfield strategy

An operator would like to develop brownfield SFU upgrade guidelines. They have access to different access technologies such as Fiber Deep and Fiber To The Home in their portfolio. Question is what are the guidelines for deploying technologies for different node densities?

MDU OCF-based node upgrade

An operator is interested in understanding what is the operating cash flow (OCF) opportunity by installing different fiber deep technologies to brownfield MDUs in a market. They have a hypothesis that different fiber deep technologies will have different take rates.

Start with XGS-PON or GPON

An operator would like to develop a focused short-term greenfield expansion plan with an understanding of short-term and longer-term cost trade-offs. Currently, XGS-PON is more expensive than GPON. Should they initially execute their expansion plan with GPON or XGS-PON?
Product Demo

AP-Jibe Product Demo

This AP-Jibe product demo will give you a good understanding of the AP-Jibe graphical user interface, how network…


Brownfield node upgrade strategy

A brownfield N+5 DOCSIS3.0 node is running out of capacity and needs to be upgraded. Which option should be used to upgrade the node to achieve the lowest 10-year total cost?
AP Jibe

Why AP-Jibe?

Telecom operators spend ~ 90% of their yearly capital on access networks. Access network planning is becoming exponentially…

Network Access

Solving the Access Network Footprint Expansion Enigma

While planning for network expansion projects such as onboarding new greenfield areas, network operators are faced with many…

AP Jibe

What is AP-Jibe?

Access Planning Jibe (AP-Jibe) assists the access network planners with their technology, business and operational plans. They can…

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